The BERKS Group is a division of the privately held News-Press & Gazette Company and the Bradley family holdings.

Henry D. Bradley started the company with the purchase of the St. Joseph News-Press in St. Joseph, Missouri, in 1951. As technology evolved, so did the business. Expansion came quickly into new outlets including radio, broadcast television and broadband services. Now these businesses span eight states from Missouri to California and are thriving on a myriad of digital platforms.


The company has further diversified into high-value manufacturing, education technology, technology infrastructure.

The holdings may have changed but the values have remained constant through four generations of family management. The statue of the paper boy that stands outside the St. Joseph headquarters embodies the entrepreneurial spirit we seek in our partners. Each newspaper carrier who delivered newspapers became the CEO, accountant, sales person and laborer for their customers. They knew a strong product, delivered with care, was the foundation of any strong business. No matter what industry, that is still true today. We seek partners who are equally dedicated to operating with the highest of integrity and who aspire to be employers of choice, exceed customer expectations and recognized for quality.


The Bradley family is committed to the core principles of honesty, fairness and hard work that have helped the business thrive for almost 70 years.

When the time comes that we think we have the best newspaper we can build, we’d better take a refresher course or retire.

Henry D. Bradley – January 12, 1950


History of NPG

  • Newspaper Division 1951-Present

    NPG began when Henry D. Bradley acquired the first newspaper in 1951. It has included a variety of Midwestern publications in its more than 70-year history. The News-Press is now offered in print and online.
  • Cablevision 1965-2011

    NPG expanded into cable in 1965. At its peak, Cablevision had holdings throughout the Midwest and Southwest. Cablevision sold to Suddenlink in 2011.
  • Broadcast Television 1976-Present

    NPG acquired its first broadcast TV station in 1976. The company owns multiple TV and radio stations in 10 cities around the Midwest and Western U.S.
  • 2012

    NPG Co. acquires the data center company Online Tech in Michigan and builds two data center facilities in St. Joseph, MO.
  • 2016

    Headquartered in Dallas, TX, StackPath is an information technology security services provider. Learn More
  • 2017

    Investment in One Source. Learn More
  • 2017

    Investment in APSCO. Learn More
  • 2018

    Online Tech was sold to the Schurz Family in January of 2018. Learn More
  • 2018

    NPG/BERKS Group announces an investment in Valor Manufacturing Training. Learn More
  • 2018-2022

    FitVine Wine LLC was a part of the BERKS Group/News-Press & Gazette Company's portfolio of investments for four years, and was sold in November of 2022. Learn More
  • 2018

    News-Press & Gazette Company, announced that it has completed an investment in Port TMS, LLC. Learn More
  • 2018

    Swiss-Tech will serve as a platform investment in precision manufacturing. Learn More
  • 2018

    News-Press & Gazette Company announces investment in Nebraska Data Centers at 1623 Farnam in Omaha, NE. Learn More
  • 2019

    NPG/BERKS Group announces the purchase of the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), the world leader in online fitness education. NPG/BERKS has divested from this company in 2022. Learn More
  • 2020

    NPG/BERKS Group announces the acquisition of the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT). Learn More
  • 2020

    The BERKS Group announces an investment in Instrument Development Corporation (IDC). Learn More
  • 2020

    The BERKS Group announces investment in Natoma Manufacturing LLC. Learn More
  • 2020

    BERKS Group announces an investment in Waterloo Sparkling Water. Learn More
  • 2021

    BERKS Group announces its investment in the fast-growing online education platform, Trualta. Learn More
  • 2022

    180 Skills
    BERKS Group announces the acquisition of 180 Skills. Learn More