Valor Manufacturing Training

St Joseph, MO October 5, 2018 – NPG/BERKS Group announces an investment in Valor Manufacturing Training. Valor is focused on closing the skills gap that has left thousands of manufacturing jobs open across the country. The Valor solution helps manufacturers solve today’s skills shortage by providing industry standard digital training designed to train new hires. The first area of focus is from Mechanical Maintenance.

“Essentially, a company can hire somebody with no experience in a particular field and the company has the means and the tools to train them while they are doing their one-the-job training. It’s a more formal process this way.” said Lute Atieh, of Valor Manufacturing Training. “We have the curriculum, the content,” he said. “It’s all interactive, engaging. We host it all and we just teach the company how to administer this to their new staff or staff that want to move up in the company.”

The programs are web-based and interactive for computers or tablets. The software is simulated, interactive training modules around the manufacturing spaces. Creating the types of needed programs can be a large expense for companies to incorporate on their own.

“This is an excellent example of how education technology can help companies get people qualified for good paying manufacturing jobs faster. The impact of this type of program is exactly why BERKS Group is investing in this high-growth area,” said Doug Krebs, operating partner at BERKS Group.