As our economy continues to advance technologically, there is an increasing demand for high precision products. Manufacturing processes are becoming more sophisticated – we believe that companies that combine these sophisticated manufacturing processes with superior technical operating expertise will establish themselves as “high-value” manufactures for their customers. These companies’ technical proficiency allows their business to be extremely nimble, serve multiple end-markets, and have very stable customer relationships.

Investment Criteria

Enterprise Value:
$10 - $100 million

$2 - $20 million

Gross Margin:
Greater than 30%

Based in North America

Competitive Characteristics

• Strong recurring revenue

• Entrenched customer relationships

• High engineering content

• Proprietary processes or technology

• Pricing power

• Niche market leadership

• Mission critical products

What We Offer

Patient Capital:
No defined hold period allowing assets to dictate investment.

Partnership with Management:
We believe management teams should share in the financial success of our investments.

Expert Support:
With more than 1000 employees already working for Bradley-owned companies we have strong IT, Finance, HR and Marketing teams ready to help.