The new focus on investing in students, professionals, and our global workforce is rapidly transforming and redefining the education industry in countless positive ways. Learners at every level of education, from pre-school to college and skills-based to corporate learning, are adopting innovative solutions faster than many other industries. Education technology is now more than a $250 billion dollar market. Advanced content creation, digital delivery, skills/competency targeted education are driving rapid skills and productivity gains. Coupled with powerful analytics and demonstrable outcomes customers can effectively measure the positive impact on their learners. We believe Education Technology is positioned for stable, long-term growth.

Areas of Focus

• Authoring Tools/Content Development

• Corporate Learning & Development

• Skills-Based Training

• Assessment & Evaluation

• Learning Platforms

• Professional Certifications

Investment Criteria

$2 - $10 million

$10 - $50 million

Based in North America

What We Offer

Patient Capital:
No defined hold period allowing assets to dictate investment.

Partnership with Management:
We believe management teams should share in the financial success of our investments.

Expert Support:
With more than 1000 employees already working for Bradley-owned companies we have strong IT, Finance, HR and Marketing teams ready to help.