BERKS Group Announces Investment in Trualta

Kansas City, MO – December 8, 2021 – BERKS Group announces its investment in the fast-growing online education platform, Trualta. Trualta is an e-learning platform focused on helping families manage the care of loved ones at home with clinically validated education.

“Our mission is to support and empower families who are managing challenging care situations at home,” said Jonathan Davis, Founder and CEO, Trualta. “We were looking for an investor with those same family values and I feel the BERKS Group is a perfect fit.”

The BERKS partnership will allow Trualta to accelerate its growth by expanding its sales and marketing team, particularly in the United States, and investing in new content and platform capabilities. BERKS Group brings deep healthcare expertise and proven education technology experience to the partnership.

“We are focused on investing in companies with strong leadership teams who have a proven record of success and who create significant client value,” said Doug Krebs, Operating Partner, BERKS Group. “Jonathan and his team have built excellent content using innovative tools to help solve critical problems for families today.” 

Trualta’s team of clinicians, product designers, developers and researchers have proven that innovative training solutions can improve family caregiver wellness while delivering outcomes and cost savings for healthcare stakeholders.

“We love the Trualta solution because it reflects BERKS’ commitment to investing in platforms that deliver education seamlessly to the end consumer. We believe efficiently delivering great content is a winning strategy for the future,” said Eric Bradley, EVP of Business Development and Co-Owner, BERKS Group.

About BERKS Group 

The BERKS Group is a diversified family of companies seeking investments in education technology, high-value precision manufacturing, technology infrastructure and better-for-you consumer brands. The Bradley family also owns the News-Press & Gazette Company which has media holdings in digital, broadcast television, radio and publishing. For more information, please visit 

About Trualta

Trualta supports families managing care for loved ones at home via an online learning platform. In partnership with innovative healthcare payers, providers, government and social service organizations, Trualta provides better care at a lower cost. Each partner organization is equipped with a customized learning portal offering on-demand, personalized skills-based training to help caregivers keep their loved ones at home for longer. Currently available in Canada and across 25 U.S. states, Trualta’s evidence base offering is proving that trained, confident family caregivers can improve health outcomes and reduce costs.