BERKS Group Announces Investment in Instrument Development Corporation (IDC)

Mukwonago, WI – August 19, 2020 – The BERKS Group announces an investment in Instrument Development Corporation (IDC).  Founded in 1987, IDC is an ultra-precision machining company based in Mukwonago, Wisconsin.  IDC manufactures parts for aerospace and defense companies.  The company delivers high quality, complex components primarily used in defense and aerospace systems.

“We are excited to partner with the team at IDC.” said Jay Longbottom, BERKS Operating Partner.   “It has a strong business foundation including excellent leadership and strong customer relationships.”

BERKS is planning capital investments to expand IDC’s capabilities and increase production.  The company will also partner with IDC’s leaders to drive sustainable long-term growth.

“The Team at IDC is extremely excited to have The BERKS Group as our new partners to continue the foundation IDC has built since 1987,” said Joe Schaffer, CEO of IDC.  “The long-term investment horizon, family values and the ability to provide the capital resources for the continued growth of IDC, its employees and its customers were the key elements in selecting BERKS as our new partners.  It is a very exciting and important new chapter in the history of IDC!”

The addition of IDC expands BERKS’ precision manufacturing platform with increased capabilities and new market segments.  BERKS also owns Swiss-Tech, LLC which manufactures mission critical precision parts for medical, aerospace and industrial end markets.  Swiss-Tech is based in nearby Delavan, Wisconsin.

Hank Bradley will join IDC as chairman of the board.

“IDC and Swiss-Tech are a powerful partnership that will allow both companies to deliver a higher level of service to their customers,” said Bradley.


Jay Longbottom
Operating Partner, BERKS Group
(816) 271-8519